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    Previously Sold Items

    Below is a selection of jewellery previously sold on our website or at one of our fairs/exhibitions. Each item is unique, and therefore we can only sell them individually.  However, if you would like us to make something similar for you, please contact us.

    Amethyst Deco Pendant

    green World Jade Pendant

    Green World

    Jade Deco Pendant

    Deco Pendant

    Sodalite pendant

    Sodalite Pendant

    Large striped labradorite

    Striped Labradorite

    Amethyst beads in silver filled wire

    Amethyst Crown

    Bird Labradorite

    Bird Pendant with Labradorite Gemstone

    seed Labradorite Pendant

    Seed Pendant with Labradorite Gemstone

    Labradorite silver filled wirework pendant

    Mermaids Purse

    Lapis cabochon in silver filled wire with lapis accent beads

    Lapis Portal

    Copper and Jasper

    Caligraphy Jasper

    Coral Bead carnelian

    The Hooded Carnelian


    Victorian Posie Design Malachite wire wrapped in Copper


    Squiggle Pendant

    Deco Earrings

    Sodalite Deco Earrings

    Sodalite and Copper Tribal Earrings

    Tribal Earrings

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