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    Wearable Art


    I have lived and worked in a land based business in North Devon since 1985.

    I grew up in 50’s & 60’s London and I studied 3-D design in the early 70’s. My life took a different turn as I became more involved with the plant world and raising a family. I have lived and worked in a land based business in North Devon since 1985 and for a while, being part of the food production landscape, watching the rise and fall of the growth and the ever changing rotations of crops year on year, became a “grand design” in itself. I am continuously amazed by the way the structure and balance is changed by the interaction of nature; even just a little bite from an insect changes the perfect symmetry of the growing plant, the ravages of wind and rain fell trees leaving huge sores in the landscape.

    My work stems from the observation of nature and a love of pattern and symmetry. I have been exploring making natural looking forms with wire, found objects, glass, gem stones and crystals since 2015. Each piece is unique as it relies on the focal points to dictate its form.  I try to work with the things I find or am given; to accept their imperfections and incorporate them into the design, so that the work evolves and grows into more than the sum of its parts.

    Look round the Van MarÉ shop to see the current designs on offer.

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